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Important Marissa Ederly

la data de Sam 03 Feb 2018, 12:46
Marissa is small, when compared with the other progenitors. Her looks are more of an child, than and 1500 years old vampire. She has bluish-turquoise hair, that she ties up and in a side tail, that is caught in the purple spring she wears. She keeps it like that, so it wouldn't bother her during fights. She has a single piercing in each ear. Like all vampires, she has red eyes, fangs, and pointed ears.

As a progenitor, she doesn't wear the standard uniform for vampire soldiers. She has a black colar with white sleeves and purple designs. The colar is kept in place with a golden brooch. She wears a white top, with puople lines, and a purple skirt with black ends. She also has some long black gloves without fingers. As for her footwear, Marissa wears long black boots with purple peaks and heels.

Marissa kept her sarcastic attitude even as a vampire. She often talks back to Ferid and Crowley, most of the time reminding them she is not as week as they thing. Her way of twisting everybody's words gave her an upper hand in any fight against Chess Belle and Horn Skuld.
She developed some feelings for Crowley Eusford, but she refused for a long time to accept her feelings. Ferid realized why she never answered Crowley every time he joked about her height and cuteness. Short after realizing that, Ferid used that advantage to keep Marissa in his faction.

Marissa enjoyed fighting as a vampire even more than as a human. She found a scythe, activated by a key. She can activate it with her blood and it's not possessed by any demon. Soon enough, she was able to control the powers of the scythe. She keeps her power under control, so she could fool her enemies. She has never fought on her true power level.

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Important Re: Marissa Ederly

la data de Joi 05 Apr 2018, 22:02
this is so nice
greath story


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