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Normal Ayame Saki [Naruto RPC]

la data de Mar 23 Ian 2018, 08:55

Name: Saki[Blossom] Ayame[Iris]
Age: 18-19~shippudden
20~Road to Ninja
21-22~The Last
32~Chapter 700 and Gaiden
Clan: Saki- also known as Deadly Flowers Clan
Rank: Jounin
Family: Rina[Jasmine]- sister. They don't know anything about heir parents.
Personality: helpful, but she has some personality switch, meaning she can't be read that easy by anyone
Story: Ayame is the eldest from the two sisters. She and her younger sister are raised by a family friend. She had some difficulties in etting her marks, but she did it before her sister.
Release: Flower Release
Jutsu: Dancing Petals, 100 Petals Knives, Rose Prayers Chain
Kekegen Kai: Carnivore Iris
Imi este foarte lene sa scriu in romana, am dat copy-paste de pe facebook   Daca e ceva ce nu intelegeti,

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